Over Three


This area prepares the children so they are ready for school, and can accommodate up to 22 children and has 3 qualified members of staff. As in other areas of the Nursery the ‘Key Person’ system is in operation.

Each child has a folder which includes observation reports, activity reports, charts and ‘stepping stones’ booklets. A daily diary is kept for each child and is completed by their Key Person. It details all the activities in which your child has been involved throughout the day, including details of their meals, and is discussed with parents/carers each day.


The routine in this area is more structured as we prepare children for school. it follows the EYFS Framework and each staff member plans daily activities in accordance with the 6 areas of learning.

There are set times in the day when the staff lead children in groups for stories, songs, musical activities and an audio visual time. The children benefit from cooking activities, messy play, outdoor play and free play. As children continue to play, our staff observe and monitor each child’s progress and development.

We use the ‘jolly phonics’ method which teaches the sound and shape of letters, the formation of letters and songs. This system is used in most primary schools and children will find this beneficial when they begin life at school.

Each month we introduce a theme covering such topics as; people who help us, healthy living, transport and animals. Our home corner/role play areas change according to each theme.

Each child has the opportunity to develop their computer skills using suitable educational software and the Internet.