Our Fees

The Manna House Day Nursery fees include all snacks, extra curricula lessons, trips and visits.

All children ages 3 + (starting the term after their 3rd birthday) will be eligible for 15 hours of NEF funding during term time only.

There is also available a further 15 extended hours for 3+ year olds. (https://www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare)

Children aged 2+ (starting the term after their 2nd birthday) may be eligible for 15 hours of
Think2 funding during term time only. Please ask the nursery manager for more details.

An invoice will be produced termly for each child. This will include fees for that term, together with any discounts, payments, grants and holidays for that individual child. 
Age Under 3's   Over 3's  
Cost Per Daily Rate Full Week Daily Rare Full Week
Morning (7:30am-1:00pm) £30.50 £132.50 £27.50 £120.00
Afternoon (1:00pm-6:00pm) £28.00 £120.00 £25.00 £109.50
All Day (7:30am-6:00pm) £49.00 £215.00 £44.50 £195.00
School Day (8:30am-3:30pm) £37.00 £161.00 £33.50 £146.50
Daily meal charges for funded sessions as follows:
Full day/school day £3 (Breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks)
Morning session £2 (Breakfast, lunch and snacks)
Afternoon session £1 (Tea and snacks)

We prefer that fees are paid monthly by standing order at the start of each month. The amount you need to pay monthly will be shown on your fee statement. Alternatively, payments can be made by cash or cheque in advance on a weekly or monthly basis. There are nominated members of staff who are authorised to accept payments and issue a receipt as proof of payment. We also accept voucher payments. 

A sibling discount of 10% for the older child is available if they are not in receipt of 15 or 30 hours funding.